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Our goal is to make this trip accessible to anyone who wants to participate.

2021 Raffle

New this year! $10,000 grand prize! more information to come October 2021.

2018-2020 Raffle

The AYCC will be facilitating a raffle again for 2020-2021 as a fundraiser for students and chaperones. Participants get 70% of the proceeds from ticket sales (example: student sells $100 worth of tickets, $70 is applied to their bill). The grand prize will be a T.B.D provided by Ray Haskell Ford-Lincoln. Tickets will be handed out at the October meeting and will be collected at the January meeting or no later than January 22, 2021. The drawing will be in February, 2021 at Ray Haskell Ford-Lincoln.

Participants can collect raffle tickets after they have paid the $100 deposit and turned in the registration, medical, and contract form and signed the *Raffle Contract.

If a participant raises enough money via the raffle to pay for their entire trip, the deposit will be refunded. If the participant raises more money than there trip is worth then the deposit will be refunded and remaining monies can be either donated to the Alfond Youth and Community Center or can be applied to another participants account upon request.  Money raised via the raffle cannot be applied to apparel and cannot be refunded to participants as ‘spending money’.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets please follow the American Heritage Tour on Facebook to find out when and where participants will be selling tickets. 

Since 2018

Over 30,000 tickets have been sold through 32 communities

Over $200,000 has been raised toward participants fees with an average of $300 dollars for each participant.

34 families have raised enough to pay for the student's entire trip.

4 family raised enough to pay for the student and the chaperone (and in one case, part of a second chaperone.)

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Students, chaperones, and schools can organize their own fundraisers as well! Bake sales, bottle drives, sponsors etc. are all great ways to support participants. We do ask that you tell us when you are doing fundraisers so we can promote them on our website and social media outlets.